Creating Good Local Jobs

Charlie believes that jobs are created when the government steps aside and lets companies grow themselves. Rather than burdening small businesses with overregulation and taxes, we need to let hardworking owners do what they do best—run a business. We must reduce fees and stop forcing small business owners to jump through hoops just to get through a day at work.


Commitment to Tax Relief

Charlie is a hardworking taxpayer just like the rest of us. He understands that overburdensome taxes force people from their homes and cut into our quality of life. That’s why he supports Governor Abbott’s top priority of setting caps and demanding voter approval on property tax increases. As our state representative, Charlie will be a voice for taxpayers, cutting taxes from all sides and ending wasteful government spending.


Advancing the Second Amendment

As a Marine and an American, Charlie has seen that the right to defend yourself is second only to the right to life. He is 100% pro-Second Amendment and believes that the Constitution is meant to be upheld. Charlie will fight back against the efforts to raise License-to-Carry fees and keep Open Carry as our state policy.


Protecting Life Above All Else

Charlie has put his own life on the line to protect life. As a father, Charlie knows firsthand the preciousness of children and the undeniable humanity of the unborn. He believes that without the right to life, all other rights are meaningless. He will fight for all Texans, no matter how small, by working to cut bureaucratic red tape on adoption and keep tax dollars out of Planned Parenthood.


Strengthening our Kids’ Schools

Charlie graduated from Garland High School and is a firm believer in the importance of strong public education. All four of his children attend public school. Charlie knows that a strong education system is the backbone of a strong nation. Supporting our schools is a top priority. We must end costly Robin Hood programs that steal local tax dollars from our schools. More than that, we need to get money out of administration and back into classrooms.


Cutting Waste, Balancing the Budget

As a business owner, Charlie knows how to balance a budget. Runaway spending is no way to run a business and it’s no way to run a government. Charlie will work to cut spending and balance our budget, meeting our state’s needs while ending pet projects and government inefficiency. Enforcing caps on spending and demanding that government adhere to a budget is of the utmost importance.


A Strong Voice for Veterans

People who have served our country should never be forced to wait months for doctors appointments and urgent care or be punished by employers for their time away. Charlie stands 100% with the brave service men and women who have served our country. Though he has been blessed in his life as a civilian and now a reservist, he understands that many of his brothers and sisters in arms—enlisted, deployed, and retired—are still struggling. Charlie looks forward to fighting for them in our Texas House.


Building Strong Infrastructure

Infrastructure is what connects our state and our nation. Charlie believes that better roads, better transportation, and greater cross-country accessibility are crucial to building a thriving economy and a booming business environment. He will do everything he can to make sure we have the infrastructure our state deserves with connected and quality roads to combat traffic congestion.


Stand with our First Responders

Charlie knows our military protects us overseas, but first responders protect us right here at home. He will support them instead of attacking them to serve special interests and political agendas. Our police, firefighters, and other first responders deserve a representative like Charlie. He will show zero tolerance for hate crimes and acts of violence against our public servants, making sure they are properly resourced and protected by the same laws they uphold.


Stopping Illegal Immigration

Defending America was Charlie’s full-time job for nearly a decade and you can be sure he will defend America as our State Representative. Charlie will show zero tolerance for criminals who violate our borders and government officials who try to harbor these criminals, threatening the security of our great nation. He will fight to keep our Sanctuary Cities Ban as law and strengthen Border Patrol.


Protecting Private Property

You are the only one with the right to what’s yours. Charlie will work to end abuse of eminent domain and stop forced annexation—a form of taxation without representation. You should never be forced out of your home by arbitrary land seizure or overreaching city taxes.


Serving You and Your Family

Committed to being the most accessible member of the House
Charlie is a public servant, not a career politician. If there’s anything he can do to answer questions or help with a problem, he wants to hear from you. Give his cell phone a call at 469-998-1258 or email him at